High Zero 2013 - September


September 24th-27st, 2015

Musicians from Afar
Ben Bennett (percussion) Philadelphia
Alexandra Cárdenas (computer, electronics) Berlin
Miha Ciglar (ultrasound and homemade electronics) Ljubljana
Tashi Dorji (guitar) Asheville
Nava Dunkelman (percussion) San Francisco
Heejin Jang (electronics, visuals) San Francisco
Andrew Lafkas (bass, synth) Berlin
Amma Ateria (electronics, inventions) San Francisco
Irena Tomažin (voice, tapes) Ljubljana
Bromp Treb (electronics, performance) Massachusetts
C. Spencer Yeh (voice, violin) New York City
Michael Zerang (percussion) Chicago
Eva Zöllner (accordion) Hamburg
Musicians from Baltimore
Stephanie Barber (performance, projections)
Andrew Bernstein (saxophone)
Rose Hammer Burt (saxophone and reeds)
Mei Mei Chang (projections)
Bonnie Jones (electronics, text)
Caroline Marcantoni (voice, dance)
Jamal Moore (woodwinds, electronics)
Stewart Mostofsky (electronics)
Paul Neidhardt (percussion)
Michelle Purdy (percussion)
Martin Schmidt (electronics, objects)
Luke Stewart (electronics, bass)
Sydney Spann (electronics, strings, voice)

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The continent’s finest four days of all-in improv and otherwise musical exploration.
- City Paper



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“Some of the most intense new music being made anywhere, on everything from oboes and one-of-a-kind instruments to the human body itself… unforgettable performances.”
- The Washington Post
“A fertile laboratory of musical possibility without equal.”
- Signal to Noise Magazine
“So highly singular that it corresponds to nothing that has been heard before.”
- Maryland Public Television

Photo Credit: Stewart Mostofsky; HZ 2014.
Above - LaDonna Smith, violin; Jeff Carey, electronics.
Below - Martin Schmidt, keyboard; Joshua Jefferson, saxophone; Harry Walker, bass.