To schedule interviews, photoshoots, etc. in releation to the festival, contact John Berndt at 410 889 5854 or

High Zero 2001 Press Release as A Microsoft Word File

High Zero 2001 Press Release as a Web Page

High Resolution Photographs for print of some of the musicians in High Zero 2001 are available to the press below. All images will download as uncompressed JPG files which should work in any graphics environment.

Note: Because the festival features all new combinations of players, representative group shots of the musicians in the upcomming festival are just about impossible!

Eric Franklin, Theremin
Baltimore (2029K download)

Helena Espval-Santoleri, Cello
Philadelphia & Stockholm (1281K Download)

Jim Baker, Arp Synthesizer
Chicago (1192K Dowload)

Kaffe Matthews, Computer
London (74K dowload)

Peter Kowald, Bass
Germany (154K download)

Eric Letourneau, various
Montreal (75K download)