1-2PM: Tom Boram and Dan Breen at Harborplace Mall with electronic devices and portable drum machine

1PM: "Free Music Free Fall at 500 Feet" AKA a ride in the Port Discovery Hi-Flyer Balloon 300 feet above Baltimore during a mild hurricane warning, with general audience plus Kristen Toedtman (violin), Mike Barker (bass), Eric Letourneau (laptop) and John Berndt (tenor saxophone)--an unforgettable event.

3PM: Twig and Caleb Harper present "The Johnson Borthers Present The Beast People," an atavistic experience involving vintage synthesizers, beast people, and corrugated tubes in a tree in a semi-residential neighborhood.

5PM: Bradford Reed (Pencillina), John Berndt (Peasant Instrument) and Neil Feather (Vegas) at The American Visionary Art Museum courtyard

11AM: Fred Collins (vocals) and Charlie Gateworth (guitar) provide special stimulus at the Abell Avenue public space for about ten minutes before getting shut down.

4PM: Unknown NYC musicians perform in a car near Charles and Preston streets.

6PM: Tom Boram (synthesizer) and Dan Breen (drums) AKA Snacks perform in the vestibule of Klangfarben! (Aka Payan's Rugs on North Howard Street).

8PM: Peter Zummo (trombones, tape recorders) performance for Michael Bloomberg outside of Theatre Project, Baltimore.

10AM: Ben Manley, Peter Zummo, Tom Boram and Dan Breen perform feedback music with megaphones under the 83 expressway overpass near the cities farmer's market

11AM: John Berndt, solo soprano saxophone, Farmer's Market

2PM: Bradford Reed, solo Pencillina in Fells Point, Baltimore.