High Zero 2011
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High Zero is not only weird, sophisticated, and over the top--it is also broadly participatory and deeply community based. Its both in the spirit of festival to have all sorts of ways for people to get involved, and also very much a practical necessity to launch of festival of this size on our limited budget. If you want to get involved creatively and/or just help out, we would love to have you.

Here are some of the things you can do:


We organize the festival year round on a volunteer basis but starting a month before the festival we need 20-30 smart, reliable people to sign up to help with a variety of tasks: selling and taking tickets, giving rides to the airport, helping with stage management, installations, housing musicians, and other tasks. Its fun and more importantly it helps the festival out A LOT. People who volunteer get a free ticket to a night of the festival for every day they volunteer. If you are interested, contact info@redroom.org.


While the main stage is invitation-only and booked a year in advance, there are many opportunities to perform at High Zero through High Jinx, our broadly participatory, informal and unofficial site specific and street performances held throughout the city starting a week before the festival, which are some of the wildest and most inspired public art events in Baltimore. PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Click here for more information.


Yup, we need money. We get a huge amount done for every dollar donated and have almost no waste. Click here to support us and we will be forever grateful! (Please note that we would love to have a real endowment, if you are really wealthy and would like to see this continue for the next decade.)

Tell Us

...how you think the festival could be better, and maybe we'll learn something. We try to make it better and better each year. Email us your suggestions here.

Musicians from Afar »

John Butcher (saxophone) London

Amy Cimini (viola) New York

Lisle Ellis (doublebass, electronics) New York

Katt Hernandez (violin) Sweden

Thomas Lehn (synthesizer) Vienna

Kaffe Matthews (sampling, tuning forks) London

Zeena Parkins (harp, electronics) New York

Dorothea Schürch (saw, voice) Zürich

Leo Svirsky (piano, keyboards) The Hague

Oluyemi Thomas (reeds, trumpet) Oakland

David Watson (bagpipes, guitar) New York

Matt Weston (percussion, electr.) Northhampton

Katherine Young (bassoon) Chicago

Musicians from Baltimore »

Andrew Bernstein (reeds, electronics)

John Berndt (saxophones, electronics)

Tom Boram (electronics)

Rose Burt (reeds)

Samuel Burt (reeds, invented instruments)

Max Eisenberg (electronics)

Nathan Ellman-Bell (percussion)

Gerry Mak (bowed strings, throat-singing)

Tim Murphy (keyboard, bagpipe)

Shana Palmer (electronics)

Britton Powell (bass)

Elisa Urtiaga (voice, other)

Jason Willett (electronics, other)

Special Projects »

Mark Trayle and John Bischoff

The Ball