High Zero 2012
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The HIGH ZERO program is a well-designed and content-rich document--almost a collectors item which audience members will tend to keep after the festival, containing essays, photographs, graphics and considerable information on the musicians. The HIGH ZERO program is given for free to all festival attendees. Last year, 600 copies were distributed(!).

Advertising rates are as follows:
1/4 page (2.25 " W X 4" H) - $200
1/2 page (5" W X 4" H) - $300
full page (5" W X 8" H) - $400

Ads can be submitted as reflective art, or any format of electronic file. We can also help with the creation of your advertisement at no additional cost. We need the information and payment for your ad in hand by Thursday September 6th!

Your sponsorship is graciously appreciated by the audience and musicians, and will result in direct benefit in the form of patronage by festival audience, exposure to out of town visitors, and the like.

In some cases, we may be able to accept a trade of services in exchange for advertising space.

To place and advertisment, please call John Berndt at 443 414 5414 or info@redroom.org.

Musicians from Afar »

Lea Bertucci (bass clarinet) New York

John Blum (piano) New York

Thomas Dimuzio (electronics) San Francisco

Flandrew Fleisenberg (percussion) Boston

Darius Jones (saxophone) New York

Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet) Beirut

Walter Kitundu (invented instruments) San Francisco

Tom Nunn (invented instruments) San Francisco

Angela Sawyer (voice, toys, electronics) Boston

Davindar Singh (baritone saxophone) Boston

Wilfrido Terrazas (flute) Mexico City

Suzanne Thorpe (flute, electronics) New York

Mario de Vega (electronics) Berlin

Jennifer Walshe (voice, ideas) Ireland

Musicians from Baltimore »

Shelly Blake-Plock (recordings)

Jeff Carey (computer)

John Dierker (saxophone, clarinet)

Owen Gardner (violoncello, guitar)

Ayako Kataoka (dance, electronics)

Duncan Moore (drums, miscellany)

Stewart Mostofsky (electronics)

Paul Neidhardt (percussion)

Nick Podgurski (drums)

Jimmy Joe Roche (analog synth, video)

Margaret Rorison (projections)

M.C. Schmidt (electronics)

Lily Susskind (dance)

Khristian Weeks (preparations)