High Zero 2013
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Experimental movement for dance and sound

September 18th, 2013
@ 2640 Space
  2640 Saint Paul St., Baltimore
7:30pm - $5+ sliding scale

Pendleton House
Babette McGeady, Matt Drews, Chantel Duke, Colleen McNeary, and Baylee Reynolds (movement) with Tyler Coray, Brett Gardin, William Hayes, and Jordan Rundle (sound)

The Pendleton House is a collective of artists working together to create collaborative multimedia work, cultivating a thriving group of investigative artists who harbor the belief that it is more powerful working together as a single entity. Over the past three years we have collaborated with dancers, musicians, sculptors and multidisciplinary artists, and are currently connecting with artists from across the country.

Serotte and Schmidt Collaboration
David Serotte (movement) with M.C. Schmidt (sound)

“My performance practice exists in the space between the sensual and the grotesque, femininity and masculinity, empowerment and self-destruction. Cross-pollinating the dance forms of Butoh and Voguing, I strive to reclaim the queer origins of the former and queer the aesthetics of the latter. This is a conceptual framework to engender ecstatic abandon.”

David Serotte is an independent curator and performer living in Baltimore and New York City. He received his B.A. in Art History from Skidmore College. He has worked for Visual AIDS, The New Museum, Artists Space, Tacoma Art Museum and The Tang Museum. In the summer of 2010, David became a proud member of the Iconic House of Revlon. His recent performance work includes Self-Love Boots! a collaborative movement with Patricia Silva for her MFA Thesis Exhibition, Rehearse/Resite (2013), at the International Center of Photography in New York City.

Daniel Givens' Dance Controlled Multimedia
Daniel Givens (programming), Sophia Mak and Ciara Clements (movement), Amy Reid (sound)

In this performance two dancers act and react within the confines of an environment in which the movement of their bodies is tracked and analyzed to generate visuals and conduct a sound collage. The result is a highly responsive and sensory rich happening that explores dueling ideas of power versus restriction, virtual versus actual, and privacy versus surveillance.

Clarissa Gregory and Corey Hennessy
Clarissa Gregory and Corey Hennessy (movement) with Rod Hamilton, Derrick Michaels, and Tiffany Seal(sound)

Animator, dancer, model-maker, Clarissa Gregory’s artwork takes an interdisciplinary approach. Studio work weaves in and out of stop-motion animation, panoramic painting and installation. Theatrical lighting and a fascination for the natural world flavor her tactile environments. Her background in dance and theatre influences the movement within her animations. She joined Effervescent Collective, Baltimore’s modern dance company, in 2010. She’s excited to continue exploring new territory with fearless fellow Baltimoreans. New performance works include: push and pull - solo choreography inside a boxing ring to Jimmy Joe Roche’s live synthesized music and Pull / Drift - a multi-dimensional, site specific collaboration in sculpture and dance at Patapsco Valley State Park with Joshua Smith, Effervescent co. and friends.

Musicians from Afar »

Tomomi Adachi (voice, electronics, self-made instruments) Tokyo

Peter B (invented instruments) Connecticut

Angèlica Castelló (paetzold, tapes, electronics) Mexico City/Vienna

Alvin Fielder (percussion) Jackson, MS

Walter Kitundu (inventions) San Francisco

Misha Marks (guitar, baritone horn) New Zealand/Mexico City

Magda Mayas (clavinet, piano) Berlin

David Moré (saw, electronics) Chicago

Gino Robair (miscellany) San Francisco

Karen Stackpole (gongs) Oakland

Birgit Ulher (trumpet, radio, speaker, objects) Hamburg

Sabine Vogel (flute, electronics) Potsdam, Berlin

Weasel Walter (drums) New York City

Musicians from Baltimore »

Susan Alcorn (pedal steel guitar)

Andrew Bernstein (reeds, electronics)

Christina Blomberg (tenor saxophone)

Tom Boram (thocolate tynapple panipulator, epiglottal trills)

Jaimie Branch (trumpet)

Rose Hammer Burt (reeds)

Samuel Burt (daxophone, bass clarinet, computer)

Patrick Crossland (trombone)

Jesse Haas (saxophone)

Bonnie Jones (electronics, language)

Sharon Mansur (movement)

Kelvin Pittman (saxophone)

Will Schorre (modular synthesizer)