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High Jinx is a schedule of site-specific street performances at numerous places about Baltimore city coinciding with the High Zero festival. These events are creative, musical and socially challenging. They are rarely obnoxious and never intended to do anyone harm. They are not officially sanctioned by the city, therefore you participate at your own risk. However, these events have been some of the greatest public art performances happening in Baltimore.

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This year, High Jinx are for the people and by the people and we're taking it to the streets. In three easy steps you can plan, schedule, and promote your High Jinx event:

  1. Brainstorm your high jinx -- (check out resources and links below for ideas and locations)
  2. Pick a time and a date -- (this can be during the festival, after the festival, before the festival)
  3. Submit your information in the form below being sure to include date, time, location and a short description. High Jinx calendar genies will add your event to the calendar where festival goers will be checking out events all month.

Now go forth and we'll see you on the street! Or under the underpass! Or in the Legg Mason building! Or at the ATM lobby! Or in the public swimming pool!

If you are experiencing problems using the form below, email your HighJinx ideas to: highjinxbaltimore@gmail.com



Calendar of Events:

Google Calendar - High Jinx Baltimore


Online Discussion Group:
Google Groups - High Jinx Baltimore


What does High Jinx need?

People who can decide on an event, organize it (what, where, who and when) and then follow through and execute it. This can be a simple event with one director/performer standing on a street corner or a complex event with many involved.

People who either have skills which satisfy the needs of a particular perfomance or people who want to perform in something that doesn't need specific skills

A great site can dictate what should be perfomed there (ex. crossing over). Or, a great site can be perfect for anything you put in it.

Video cameras, journalists, poets, photographers, sound recordists, spys.

Creative thinkers:
High Jinx is almost "anything goes". Simple ideas can make beautiful events. What can you amplify? (knitting needles) Take the mundane and over emphasize it (ultrareductionist library band). Make music out of almost nothing by meerly changing the context of existing sounds (honkers). Just act silly (the hat band). Be visual (folded paper). Be weird (crossing over). Be conventional (music games). Show off your basement projects (invented instrument)

People who'll tell people what's happening, where and when, post to email lists, put up flyers. People who will bring more people to get involved.


A list of previous HighJinx ideas:
Google Docs - HighJinx Event Ideas


A list of possible HighJinx locations:
Google Docs - HighJinx Sites


High Jinx documentation sites:

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