High Zero 2014
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To schedule interviews, photography, filming etc. in relation to the festival, media representatives should contact Jaime at highzeropress@gmail.com.

Click here for a documentation web site of LAST year's festival.


Dafne Vicente-Sandoval
(2.3MB RGB JPG - 4608x3456)

Charlotte Hug
(673KB RGB JPG - 3872x2592)

Jeff Carey
(380KB RGB JPG - 1024x683)

Mick Ricereto
(956KB RGB JPG - 2712x2754)

Charlotte Hug
(828KB RGB JPG - 1433x1269)

Okkyung Lee
photo credit: Eckhart Derschmidt
(702KB RGB JPG - 4883x3234)

M.C. Schmidt/strong>
(303KB RGB JPG - 960x960)


Additionally, photos from our documentation sites may be available in hi-res format, please contact us at .

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