High Zero 2015
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Musicians from Afar »

Asimina Chremos (dance) Philadelphia

Ruby Fulton (trumpet, flugelhorn, violin) Idaho

Anne-F Jacques (motors, objects, amplification) Montreal

Rosie Langabeer (piano) New Zealand

Julius Masri (percussion, keyboards, oud) Philadelphia

Liew Niyomkarn (electronics, found objects) The Hague

Laura Ortman (amplified violin) New York

Marshall Trammell (percussion) Bay Area

Maia Urstad (sound art) Norway

Zachary Watkins (electric guitar) Oakland

Walter Wright (drums, electronics, objects) Massachussettes

N.N.K. (saxophone) Japan

Marta Zapparoli (reel to reel, tape recorders) Berlin

Musicians from Baltimore and DC »

Eames Armstrong (electronics, dance, performance)

CK Barlow (guitar, sampling, electronics)

John Berndt (saxophone, electronics)

Tom Boram (thocolate tynapple panipulator)

Samuel Burt (daxophone, bass clarinet)

Jeff Carey (computer)

Owen Gardner (cello, guitar)

Layne Garrett (guitar, objects, self-built instruments)

Hanna Olivegren (voice)

Jimmy Joe Roche (voice, modular synthesizer)

Thomas Stanley (electronics)

Noelle Tolbert (dance)

Jenny Moon Tucker (C melody saxophone, alto saxophone, electronics)

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High Zero is an entirely volunteer-organized cultural event which seriously needs your support if it is to continue. The festival operates from a mix of individual donations, door receipts, a great deal of donated labor and equipment, limited program advertsing, and a small amount of funding, as it is made available from private foundations. The festival has considerable expenses, including significant transportation for musicians, fees, space rental, and publicity. The festival is also unusual in that it pays ALL the musicians extremely equitably, and again, there are no salaries for the organizers. It is a true labor of love. The Festival is organized by The High Zero Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so your contributions are tax-deductable.

We consider the festival to be a totally unusual and inspiring cultural event for Baltimore--both a disruptive and a generative force. HELP US CONTINUE IT!

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