High Zero 2021

For the 23rd High Zero, returned to the Theatre Project for live music with limited seating and streamed performances from around the world. This hybrid format allowed the festival to reach more people than ever while celebrating the talented luminaries that brighten Baltmore's music venues.

Although it was impossible to capture the true nature of the live experience, this documentation site conveys the variety, energy, non-conformity and inspiration that makes the whole thing one of a kind.

September 24th

John Berndt electronics
Talbolt Johnson dance
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Christine Paluch synthesizers, electronics, bass, guitar, cello
Emma Elizabeth Downing voice, bowed electric banjo
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Jarrett Gilgore reeds, saxophone
Jessica Keyes saxophone, electronics
Rupert Wondolowski vocals
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September 25th

Rose Burt saxophones
Eric Kennedy drums, percussion, vocals
Bashi Rose drum kit, percussion
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Jeff Carey electronics
Tyrone Page saxophone
Liz Meredith viola
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Satellite Events

High Zero collaborates with area institutions to share inspiring thoughts and performances from festival musicians.
UMBC John Berndt
MICA Christine Paluch
Towson University Bashi Rose
Towson University Jarrett Gilgore


Loud Music September 24th
Soft Music September 25th