HIGH ZERO festival of experimental improvised music The Revolution in free music... Baltimore, September 21-24, 2000.... 33 amazing improvisors, 5 concerts, 15 sets, visionary performances!
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HIGH ZERO is a contribution of The Red Room Collective.
Gracious and much-needed DONATIONS to HIGH ZERO should be made in the form of checks made out to
The Fells Point Creative Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit and the primary nonprofit sponsor of the festival.

Send to: HIGH ZERO, C/o. 2850 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Md. 21218
Phone 410 889 5854 • Email: johnb@berndtgroup.net

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Photo of Toshi Makihara (above) by John Berndt. Photos throughout site by John Berndt, Bob Wagner, and the musicians.

HIGH ZERO will occur at The American Visionary Art Museum (9PM, sept. 21st), The Charles Theater (12:30 noon and 9PM Sept 24th), and The 14 Karat Cabaret (9PM Sept 22nd. and 24th). Tickets are $10.

Performing in HIGH ZERO this year: Magali Babin (Montreal): objects and transducers • John Berndt (Baltimore): reeds, electronics, strings • Tom Boram (Baltimore): guitar, piano, taps • Dave Champion (Philadelphia): trombone • Vattel Cherry (Baltimore): acoustic bass • James Coleman (Boston): theremin • John Dierker (Baltimore): reeds • Bob Falesch (Chicago): keyboards and computer • Neil Feather (Baltimore): self-made instruments • Carol Genetti (Chicago): voice • Joe Giardullo (Poughkeepsie): saxophones • Lafayette Gilchrist (Baltimore): keyboards • Paul Hoskin (Seattle): Reeds • Matt Ingalls (San Francisco): clarinet • Michael Johnson (Pittsburgh): saxophones and electronics • Scott Larson (Baltimore): accordion, guitar& electronics • Eric Leonardson (Chicago): springs & self-built instruments • Jerry Lim (Baltimore): guitar, Baltimore • Toshi Makihara (Philadelphia): percussion • Bob Marsh (Chicago): voice, electronics, cello, piano • Kaffe Mathews (London): transducers and computer • Joe McPhee (Poughkeepsie): reeds, trumpet • Sean Meehan (New York): percussion • Ian Nagoski (Philadelphia): electronics • John Oswald (Toronto): saxophone • David Prentice (Toronto): violin • Catherine Pancake (Baltimore): drums, dry ice, objects • Greg Pierce (Baltimore): drums, guitar, saxophones • Julie Pomerleau (Chicago): violin • Evan Rapport (Baltimore): reeds • Jon Rose (Amsterdam): violin and electronics Bob Wagner (Baltimore): drums • Jason Willett, anything, Baltimore • Jack Wright, saxophones, piano, Boulder

We invite anyone interested in music, experimentation, or improvisation to attend the 2nd HIGH ZERO festival, September 21st-24th 2000 at a variety of venues around Baltimore.

The first High Zero Festival of Experimental Improvised Music, held in Baltimore September 24-26, 1999, was a small revolution. The festival spanned 3 venues (The Lodge, The Charles Theater and The 14 Kt. Cabaret), with twelve sets of uncompromising freely improvised experimental music and 28 musicians from across the country, all playing in new combinations. The festival sold out in two of its four performances, and the other two were packed. More importantly, the music was absolutely incredible and wildly varied, and the ethos of open-ended collaboration between the musicians felt revolutionary to those who participated. Few, if any, who experienced it from the audience didn't realize something deeply unusual was happening in Baltimore. We would like to thank all who attended and participated. We were overwhelmed by the response and deeply heartened to discover the level of interest in such uncompromising work.