HIGH ZERO Festival of Experimental Improvised Music
Musicians and Sound Clips

Baltimore: September 21st-24th, 2000

Like the last HIGH ZERO fest, this one will involve some of the most inspired and challenging musicians of the day, playing together in groups ranging from solos to big-bands, and most often in novel combinations. More information on the musicians is forthcoming on this web site, but here is the list of players who will attend:

Magali Babin (Montreal): objects and transducers

John Berndt (Baltimore): reeds, electronics, strings

Tom Boram (Baltimore): guitar, piano, taps

Dave Champion (Philadelphia): trombone

Vattel Cherry (Baltimore): acoustic bass

James Coleman (Boston): theremin

John Dierker (Baltimore): reeds

Bob Falesch (Chicago): keyboards and computer

Neil Feather (Baltimore): self-made instruments

Carol Genetti (Chicago): voice

Joe Giardullo (Poughkeepsie): saxophones

Lafayette Gilchrist (Baltimore): keyboards

Paul Hoskin (Seattle): reeds

Matt Ingalls (San Francisco): clarinet

Michael Johnson (Pittsburgh): saxophones and electronics

Scott Larson (Baltimore): accordion, guitar & electronics

Eric Leonardson (Chicago): springs & things

Jerry Lim (Baltimore): guitar, Baltimore

Toshi Makihara (Philadelphia): percussion

Bob Marsh (Chicago): voice, electronics, cello, piano

Joe McPhee (Poughkeepsie): reeds, trumpet

Sean Meehan (New York): percussion

Ian Nagoski (Philadelphia): electronics

John Oswald (Toronto): saxophone

David Prentice (Toronto): violin

Catherine Pancake (Baltimore): drums, dry ice, objects

Greg Pierce (Baltimore): drums, guitar, saxophones

Julie Pomerleau (Chicago): violin

Evan Rapport (Baltimore): reeds

Jon Rose (Amsterdam): violin and electronics

Bob Wagner (Baltimore): drums

Jason Willett (Baltimore): anything

Jack Wright (Boulder): saxophones, piano

NB: Unfortunately Gianni Gebbia will not be attending the festival due to an emergency situation in Italy.