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Follow the links below to listen to select sounds from High Zero 2014.
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Big thanks go to Sonya Norko and her team of MICA students for the best quality video documentation ever of High Zero Festival.

Andy Hayleck (electronics, clarinet), Stewart Mostofsky (electronics), John Berndt (saxophone, inventions), Meg Rorison (projections, sound)

Andrea Pensado (electronics, voice), Mick Ricereto (alto clarinet), Meg Rorison (projections, sound), JD Zazie (turntables, CDJ, mixer, found sounds), Wendel patrick (turntables, electronics)

John Kilduff (live art, multitasking), Vicki Bennett (found footage sample collage), Bob Wagner (percussion)

LaDonna Smith (violin), Paul Neidhardt (percussion, friction), Harry Walker (electric bass), Michael Fischer (saxophone)

Okkyung Lee (violoncello), Joshua Jefferson (alto saxophone), and Paul Neidhardt (percussion, friction)

Second Nature: a project of John Berndt


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