The HIGH ZERO program is a well-designed and entertaining document containing essays, photographs, graphics and considerable information on the musicians—a collectors’ item that many audience members tend to keep after the festival. The HIGH ZERO program is free to all festival attendees. Last year, 600 copies were distributed.

Advertising rates are as follows:
1/4 page (2.25 " W X 4" H) - $200
1/2 page (5" W X 4" H) - $300
full page (5" W X 8" H) - $400

Ads can be submitted as pdf or 200dpi jpg. We can also help with the creation of your advertisement at no additional cost. We need the information and payment for your ad in hand by August 23rd!

Your sponsorship is graciously appreciated by the audience and musicians, and will result in direct benefit in the form of patronage by festival audience, exposure to out of town visitors, and the like.

In some cases, we may be able to accept a trade of services in exchange for advertising space.

To place an advertisment, please select the size of ad you would like on this page. You will then be directed to a form where you can upload your ad. We can also design an ad for you!

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