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High Zero General Press Statement 2022

They aren’t just playing outside the box; the box is set on fire, its ashes mixed with water, the subsequent clay is shaped into something just outside the periphery of recognizable. … High Zero is an exhausting, invaluable gem of a performance series that enriches anyone who experiences it, whether they bring earplugs or not. – BmoreArt

Some of the most intense new music being made anywhere, on everything from oboes and one-of-a-kind instruments to the human body itself... unforgettable performances. – The Washington Post

A fertile laboratory of musical possibility without equal. – Signal to Noise Magazine

[W]hat the members and guests of High Zero distilled from the ether on Wednesday night exceeded all expectations of what might have been, with an undulating vibrancy that brought to life what could have been, like some rare or unstable element that flickered in and out of existence only for an instant. - I Care If You Listen

Raven Chacon

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11.5 MB Credit: Adam Conte

Eric Ruin

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Sarah Belle Reid

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James Fei

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Credit: Alice Wu

Ka Baird

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Eze Jackson

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