HIGH ZERO: 6th Anniversary Festival
of Experimental Improvised Music!!!

Baltimore, 2004
Thursday Sept. 30th-Sunday, Oct. 3rd
The Theater Project 45 West Preston Street

Baltimore, Maryland Click here for a full schedule
Tickets can be purchased over the phone: 410-752-8558

The HIGH ZERO festival is an amazing event, mixing large crowds with fiercely challenging and engaging music. The festival would be unusual anywhere in the world, with its combination of visionary and uncompromising grassroots experimental music. Its unusual format is such that only individuals are invited to perform in new collaborations, mixing diverse musical subcultures (what might be called electronic music, free jazz, minimalism, instrument inventors, etc.). Each year, the most inspired musicians we know from Baltimore and around the world are brought together in a wide range of musical situations to create music which has never been heard before.

Documentation web site of last year's festival

High Zero is a deeply collective endeavor, involving a very large number of musicians and organizers. When High Zero began in 1999, the idea of hosting an international, large-scale experimental music festival in Baltimore seemed like a pure act of will against all odds, not to mention a huge financial risk.

After five amazingly successful years '99-'03, frequently sold-out audiences, hundreds of sets of inspiring music and anarchic street performances, eight CDs, tons of new friendships and developing collaborations around the globe, and a closet now overflowing with high-resolution documentation--it still seems almost too good to be true!!

Our first six years have been a tremendous gift, and we are truly grateful to the immense amount of support from musicians, audience, donations, and volunteers which has made the festival a true community event in every sense of the word.

For more information on the philosophy and methods of High Zero, click here.

High Zero is supported by City Paper

High Zero is organized by The High Zero Foundation, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization. The festival is an outgrowth of The Red Room, an unfunded but vital space which has presented over 400 concerts of improvised and experimental music (as well as experimental film and performance) since it began in 1996. The Red Room is located at and sponsored by Normals Books and Records.

Please Note: The festival is invitation only, so we DO NOT take submissions for future HIGH ZERO festivals. However, we are always interested in submissions to The Red Room, which is the source of the pool of players who are then invited to the festival.

Mailing Address:
High Zero Foundation, Inc.
3618 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD. 21211

email: info@redroom.org

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HIGH ZERO 2004 Musicians:

From Afar :

Susan Alcorn
(pedal steel guitar) -Houston

Nicole Bindler (dance) - NYC

Caroline Kraabel
(reeds, voice) -London

Le Quan Ninh (percussion) -Toulouse, France

Sabir Mateen (reeds) -NYC

Joe McPhee (reeds, pocket trumpet) -Poughkeepsie, NY

Andrea Parkins (sampler, piano) -NYC

Jesse Quattro (voice, electronics) - San Francisco

Jack Rose (guitar) --Philadelphia

Stanley Schumacher (voice, trombone) -Bethlehem, PA

Karen Stackpole (gongs, percussion) -San Francisco

Howard Stelzer (tapes) -Boston

Todd Whitman (reeds) -Buffalo, NY

From Baltimore:

Jackie Blake (reeds, flute)

Tom Boram (synth, guitar, voice)

Dan Breen (multi-instrumentalist)

Audrey Chen (cello, voice)

John Dierker (reeds)

Michael Gayle (piano)

Joel Grip (acoustic bass)

Daniel Higgs (voice, jews harp)

Scott Larson (inventions, guitars)

David Moré (inventions)

Catherine Pancake (percussion, inventions)

Kristen Toedtman (violin, voice)

Bob Wagner (acoustic and electronic percussion)

Jason Willett (multi-instrumentalist)