Since it's first year, we have been documenting the performances that make up the High Zero festival, capturing a great deal of amazing and singular music on digital audio and video. We are still struggling with the issue of how to best make this material available, since a great deal of it warrants publication, yet financial and other practical constraints limit us.

So far, we haven't found a context to publish recordings from High Zero '99, though we welcome inquiries from other labels interested in this material as some of it is really spectacular.

We are currently in the process of producing two great CDs (hopefully complete by the time of High Zero 2001) from the 2000 festival--one focused on sets involving multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee, and the other on vocalist Carol Genetti. See for more information

The HIGH ZERO 2000 DOCUMENTATION web site is a rich photographic and audio document which captures the anarchic and inspired flavor of the festival through snippets of music and video. It requires the Flash 4 plug-in to make much sense, and very soon there will be some streaming videos of street performances that make use of Real Player. Click here For a streaming video short subject (using realplayer) from the 2000 festival, plus other cool stuff.

The pre-fest High Zero 2000 web site came before the fest, and has detailed information on all the players. The High Zero 1999 web site is similar, with information and sound clips related to the players who participated in the very first festival, as well as some brief documentation of the 1999 Festival, heavy on the MP3 audio files.

Of course, we will be documenting the 2001 festival. Special thanks is due for previous years to Doug Wolf, Steve Steele, Jon Rose, and our own Catherine Pancake who worked hard to capture the performances.