High Zero 2010
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Drew Daniel

I started making 4-track noise cut-ups and playing scrap metal percussion in a hardcore band in highschool in Kentucky. In college I joined the hundred-member-strong Young Inspiration Gospel Choir (as lone atheist member), then got a sampler and started sequencing, and met my partner M. C. Schmidt and learned how to edit audio with computers. Together we are the musique-concrete / electronic pop group Matmos. As a member of Matmos I've released over eight albums and collaborated with Terry Riley, Marshall Allen, The Kronos Quartet, Zeena Parkins, So Percussion, Antony & the Johnsons, David Tibet, Wobbly, John Wiese, and Bjork. I also make house music as The Soft Pink Truth. I'm not, generally speaking, an improviser, but I’m going to try to do my best. Thanks for listening.

Musicians from Afar »

Karen Borca (NYC): bassoon

Shayna Dunkelman (NYC): percussion

Ju Suk Reet Meate (Portland): trumpet

Hans Koch (Switzerland): bass clarinet

Andrea Neumann (Germany): inner piano

Tuna Pase (Istanbul): voice, flute, laptop

Juanjosè Rivas (Mexico City): circuit bending

Tomoko Sauvage (Paris): porcelain bowls, water

Gary Smith (United Kingdom): guitar

Keith Fullerton Whitman (Boston): electronics

Wobbly (California): electronics

Musicians from Baltimore »

Shelly Blake-Plock: stringed instruments

Ami Dang: sitar, voice, electronics

Drew Daniel: electronics

Dan Deacon: electronics, tuba

Tiffany Defoe: saxophone

Owen Gardner: strings

Ayako Kataoka: electronics

Liz Meredith: viola

Marc Miller: guitar

Stewart Mostofsky: electronics

Michael Muniak: feedback

M.C. Schmidt: electronics

Special Projects »

Dan Deacon (Baltimore)

Ayako Kataoka (Baltimore)

Dr. Johannes Rosenberg (Australia)

Dragos Tara (Switzerland)

Sound Installations »

Tristan Perich (NYC)

Karl Ekdahl (Baltimore)

Julie Benoit (Baltimore)

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Workshops »

Dragos Tara @ Goucher College (9/22)

Wobbly @ Peabody Conservatory (9/22)

Juanjosè Rivas @ MICA (9/22)

Hans Koch @ UMBC (9/24)

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