High Zero 2010
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September 23rd - 26th, 2010
@ The Theatre Project
  45 W Preston St., Baltimore

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Saturday Matinee, September 25th »

Doors open 12 NOON / Performances start 1:00 PM sharp
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Two special sets conceived and curated by Ayako Kataoka and Dan Deacon.


Ayako Kataoka's ensemble:

Peter B: electronics

Drew Daniel: electronics

Shayna Dunkelman: percussion

Ju Suk Reet Meate: trumpet

Liz Meredith: viola

Wobbly: electronics


Dan Deacon's ensemble:

Stewart Mostofsky: conductor, electronics

Shelly Blake-Plock: stringed instruments

Karen Borca: bassoon

Ami Dang: sitar, voice, electronics

Dan Deacon: electronics, tuba

Shayna Dunkelman: percussion

Tiffany Defoe: saxophone

Owen Gardner: strings

Hans Koch: bass clarinet

Marc Miller: guitar

Tuna Pase: voice, flute, laptop

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« Sound Installations »
September 21st - 26th, 2010
@ Gallery Four
  4th Floor / 405 W Franklin St., Baltimore

Viewing hours: 1pm - 7pm (Thursday - Sunday)

"Electric Petting Zoo" brings together three visions of sound (or lack of it) in space and utilizes unique auto-didactic techniques for the construction of sound reinforcement and generation equipment. These installations promise to be incredible:


Karl Ekdahl (Baltimore)

Karl, the owner and visionary behind KNAS (experimental hand-made electronic instruments), has gone above and beyond the call of duty and constructed an interactive "laser pentagram" that guests can interact with to trigger a DIY chaotic synthesizer circuit. It is a bit like the opposite of a heist movie, where professional criminals must avoid and dodge a laser field. In Karl's installation, every gesture that interrupts the laser pentagram will cause different and strange events in the audio generating circuitry. Incredible!


Julie Benoit (Baltimore)

Julie, as well, has surpassed mortal sound artists, by creating a massive 30 SPEAKER sound array. Each speaker is driven by DIY amplifiers to play ambient recordings made in and around the H+H building. The visitor to the exhibit can pass through the speaker universe and experience each individual ambiance for it's subtlety and character, or experience phalanx of noise and chaos from days routine activity and random events trapped in a sea of playback vortexes.


Tristan Perich (NYC)

Tristan's piece will be a culmination of interest in speakers stress and the misuse of magnetic drivers with DC electronics rather than typical amplified AC audio signals. It promises to be fascinating, as he is the man behind a string of amazing projects including LOUD OBJECTS, a "band" in which tone generating electronics are built while they are playing and the creation process is viewed on an overhead projector. He has explored 1-bit sound generation for years, composing totally singular works for live instrumentation and homemade 1-bit digital microchips. He has released "albums" in which the user merely plugs into the chip itself and listens to the compositions.


« Opening Reception »
September 21st, 2010
@ Gallery Four
  4th Floor / 405 W Franklin St., Baltimore
7:30pm - free

Come celebrate with us as we launch this year's High Zero Festival by unveiling the sound installations. Artists will be present to discuss their works. In addition, the evening will conclude with a concert upstairs featuring installation artists along with other Baltimore musicians.

@ 5th Dimension   5th Floor / 405 W Franklin St., Baltimore
8:30pm - $5 donation requested

Live performances from:

Tristan Perich, in duo with Tom Goldstein
Crotales and 1-bit electronics.

Ich Auch
First live performance of synth/drums improv duo with Karl Ekdahl.

Salamander Wool Quartet
Carson Garhart's music, in first ever quartet format, with Dan Breen, Paul Neidhardt, and Walker Teret.

Tristan Perich Duo
1-bit improvisation.

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« Pre-Festival Concert »
September 22nd, 2010
@ 2640
  2640 Saint Paul St., Baltimore
8pm - $5 - $10 sliding scale donation requested

Imagination. The border between the "real" world and the primordial world of dreams, the collective subconscious, transmigration, past, future, and present. Music and dance. Sacred movement. The open door. For uncounted millennia, the ghost dance has been used by Indigenous peoples as a way to make contact with this part of themselves that exists beyond words and reason.

For one special night, acclaimed movement artist Claire Elizabeth Barratt and pedal steel guitarist Susan Alcorn will, through music and movement, explore the porous border and the fathomless universe in each of us that lies beyond.

Both artists are High Zero alumni.


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Site specific performances everywhere you look!
Visit the HighJinx Page for a calendar of planned events throughout Baltimore.

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Dragos Tara
Goucher College
1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Wednesday, September 22nd
12NOON - Room 115 KA (Computer Music Studio)

Peabody Conservatory
1 E Mt. Vernon Place
Wednesday, September 22nd
6:00PM - Room C314

Juanjosè Rivas
Maryland Institute College of Art
1300 W. Mt. Royal Ave.
Wednesday, September 22nd
7:00PM - Brown 206

Hans Koch
University of Maryland - Baltimore County
1000 Hilltop Circle
Friday, Sepember 24th
1:00PM - Room 508

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Musicians from Afar »

Karen Borca (NYC): bassoon

Shayna Dunkelman (NYC): percussion

Ju Suk Reet Meate (Portland): trumpet

Hans Koch (Switzerland): bass clarinet

Andrea Neumann (Germany): inner piano

Tuna Pase (Istanbul): voice, flute, laptop

Juanjosè Rivas (Mexico City): circuit bending

Tomoko Sauvage (Paris): porcelain bowls, water

Gary Smith (United Kingdom): guitar

Keith Fullerton Whitman (Boston): electronics

Wobbly (California): electronics

Musicians from Baltimore »

Shelly Blake-Plock: stringed instruments

Ami Dang: sitar, voice, electronics

Drew Daniel: electronics

Dan Deacon: electronics, tuba

Tiffany Defoe: saxophone

Owen Gardner: strings

Ayako Kataoka: electronics

Liz Meredith: viola

Marc Miller: guitar

Stewart Mostofsky: electronics

Michael Muniak: feedback

M.C. Schmidt: electronics

Special Projects »

Dan Deacon (Baltimore)

Ayako Kataoka (Baltimore)

Dr. Johannes Rosenberg (Australia)

Dragos Tara (Switzerland)

Sound Installations »

Tristan Perich (NYC)

Karl Ekdahl (Baltimore)

Julie Benoit (Baltimore)

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Workshops »

Dragos Tara @ Goucher College (9/22)

Wobbly @ Peabody Conservatory (9/22)

Juanjosè Rivas @ MICA (9/22)

Hans Koch @ UMBC (9/24)

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